BPI’s BanKO mobile banking reaches Culion, Palawan

downloadA new mobile-based banking method has been made available to residents of Culion town in Palawan.

In a statement released on Tuesday, BPI said at least three local businesses within the islandhave become BanKO partner outlets.

BPI also claimed that BanKO is the country’s first and only mobile-based bank.

The statement also said that prior to the arrival of BanKO, resident had to take two-hour boat rides to reach the nearest bank located in Coron island.

Over 500 BanKO accounts were opened in the first two weeks, it added.

“BanKO’s efforts toward financial inclusion take on a greater meaning as we establish our presence in Culion, a place that has been isolated and avoided for so long,” said BanKO president John Rubio in the statement. “We are constantly reaching out to underserved communities, especially in rural areas.”

For his part, Culion Mayor Emiliano Marasigan welcomed the arrival of BanKO in their community. Amanda Fernandez/BM, GMA News

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