DOE calls for regional energy planning to secure power supply

interphoto_1321868712MANILA – The Department of Energy has called for the creation of regional energy development plans in line with efforts to secure the country’s energy security and sustainability.

Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla said that they are pursuing regional energy planning in various areas across the country to spur the development of indigenous energy sources.

“The need for regional energy planning is essential for us to explore potential energy sources and promote regional energy security across the nation,” he said.

Regional energy planning primarily entails the identification of potential power sources and how to pursue these projects taking into consideration an area’s electricity demand.

Among the areas that are set to come out with their respective regional development plans is Palawan and Mindoro, where identified power projects have already been given the green light by the DOE.

For Palawan, Petilla said that the department has already awarded 25.08 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy projects. 

There is also 5 MW of pending applications and 1.7 MW of potential renewable energy sites, majority of which are for solar and hydro power, that are waiting to be tapped, he said. 

The biggest project in Palawan is the 10 MW Puerto Princesa solar power farm, which was awarded to Enfinity Philippines Renewable Resources Inc. 

For Mindoro, the DOE already awarded 189.3 MW worth of renewable projects the biggest of which is the 48 MW Puerto Galera wind power project of Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems Inc. 

Mindoro also has an identified 47.1 MW of potential renewable energy from various sources on top of 151.2 MW of biomass energy resources due to the island’s extensive agricultural lands. 

Besides renewable energy, 76.36 billion cubic feet of gas is also estimated to be found on-shore of Mindoro Island within the Service Contract SC53 exploration block of Pitkin Petroleum PLC.

To date, the draft of the Palawan energy plan is already being reviewed by the DOE’s Energy Planning and Policy Bureau for finalization and revisions while a series of public consultations and stakeholders meetings are now being held for the creation of the Mindoro Island energy development plan. 

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