AQA building 131-MW projects in Palawan

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Local renewable energy producer AQA Global Power Inc. is building 11 hydropower projects with a combined capacity of 131 megawatts in Palawan, which was recently voted as the top island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.

AQA Global said the projects, which were recently approved by the Energy Department, could contribute in further developing the tourism industries in Palawan.

Its renewable service contracts in the province include the 12-MW Marangas river hydro plant in Bataraza, 12-MW  Sologon river hydro at Brook’s Point, 8-MW Busuanga river 1 hydro plant, 20-MW Ilian River Kaliwa hydro plant in Dumaran, 12-MW Ilian River Kanan  hydro in Dumaran, 8-MW Estrella River hydro plant in Narra, 12-MW Bato-bato river Kaliwa hydro plant in Narra, 10-MW Malasgao Kaliwa hydro plant in Narra, 12-MW Inaguan river hydro plant in Puerto Princesa City, 10-MW Culasian river hydro plant in Rizal and the 15-MW Barabakan river 1 hydro in Roxas.

AQA Global president Miguelito Alberto Achurra said in a statement the company’s interest in electricity generation would help the island in greening their energy sources alongside developing sustainable methods for progress.

He said the strong support of the people for environmentalism and the protection of their natural resources were already enough to conclude that RE would be a viable power solution for Palawan’s energy needs.

Achurra said as Palawan was one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, the power supply should also complement its needs to sustain the rising tourism industry.

AQA Global expressed willingness to contribute in developing the island’s renewable energy sources to fulfill the province’s dream of a sustainable future founded in green and alternative sources of energy.

AQA Global also has renewable energy contracts in Lanao del Sur, which was signed and approved by the Energy Department in September 2014.

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