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Small hydropower developer seals deal for second facility in Palawan

interphoto_1387772876MANILA – A company that aims to build 50 megawatts (MW) of small hydropower projects in the Philippines is putting up a second facility in the southern province of Palawan.

In a statement, Langogan Power Corp (LPC) said it signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for a 7-MW hydro facility along the BatangBatang River in the town of Narra. Signing in behalf of the local government unit (LGU) and LPC were Mayor Lucy Demaala and company executive Mike Wootton, respectively. Continue reading

Palawan going great guns due to multisectoral cooperation


Palaweños have reason to be proud because their province has been dubbed the “most beautiful island in the world” in a recent US magazine article that focused on the island’s sheer perfection as a travel destination.

Being a Palaweño, we are doubly proud because Palawan has achieved an 80-percent increase in foreign tourists and visitors. Employment rate in our province has also increased by 163,000 since 2005. Continue reading

Palm Oil Company in Philippine Islands To Expand

aceh_0853_news.mongabay.com_Plans to convert eight million hectares of land for palm oil production on Palawan island in the Philippines have been met with opposition from environmental and social advocacy groups, with a petition to cease development sent to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights by an anti-palm oil expansion group. But an industry representative denies claims that all eight million hectares will be cultivated to the detriment of wildlife and human communities, maintaining palm oil expansion will be beneficial to the people of Palawan. Continue reading

With new fiberglass boats, fishermen no longer fear the sea


“MY FATHER has always been a Pescador, our term for fishermen,” says Cocoy Garcia, a 38-year old fisherman, as we strolled around his stilt village in Culion, Northern Palawan. “I was nine when he first took me out. We caught baskets of squid that first night, lured in by the glow of our Petromax lamp.” Continue reading

Seven foot crocodile stranded in Zamboanga after Typhoon Hagupit

crocodileManila: A seven foot (1.89 metre) long saltwater crocodile that was swept away and trapped in a mangrove wall of the Sulu Sea when Typhoon Hagupit entered central Philippines last week was stranded in Zamboanga City with authorities failing to transport it to a government-run crocodile conservation centre in Palawan, southwestern Philippines as scheduled on Friday, a senior official said.

Continue reading

Palawan, a place of interest for me


I AM so happy to hear that Palawan was proclaimed “The Most Beautiful Island in the World” by an International Body conducting a census of all the Islands in the World. My former school where I taught gives the faculty a yearly free gift of a recreational, educational tour to different spots in the Philippines. Every year, I had the chance to see the beautiful spots in our country courtesy of my school. This time, I had so many activities which I experienced for the first time. Continue reading

Cruise to Palawan for Muslims on Feb 8

SuperStar_Aquarius_2011-09-20KOTA KINABALU: MatthewPaul Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd on Saturday announced that the sea cruise to Palawan for Muslims by Superstar Aquarius will be postponed to Feb 8 next year.

“The trip was supposed to be on Dec 28 but we have decided to postpone it to next year instead because we thought it would be best to give more time to our Muslim customers to come forward and sign up for the trip,” said its Chairman Matthew Chin. Continue reading

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