Cruise to Palawan for Muslims on Feb 8

SuperStar_Aquarius_2011-09-20KOTA KINABALU: MatthewPaul Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd on Saturday announced that the sea cruise to Palawan for Muslims by Superstar Aquarius will be postponed to Feb 8 next year.

“The trip was supposed to be on Dec 28 but we have decided to postpone it to next year instead because we thought it would be best to give more time to our Muslim customers to come forward and sign up for the trip,” said its Chairman Matthew Chin.

“The trip to Palawan will be from Feb 8 to 11 and we expect few hundred to a thousand of our Muslim friends to sign up,” he said during the Superstar Aquarius ship tour for the Muslim community.

There were a total of 200 Muslims who participated in the two-hour Superstar Aquarius ship tour aimed to promote their four days three nights package trip to Palawan.

The ticket price for the four day three night Kota Kinabalu/ Puerto Princesa/Kota Kinabalu trip package is inclusive of the cabin, port tax, big season surcharge, two days tour at Palawan City as well as six meals a day.

Superstar Aquarius has a total of two Jakim-certified halal restaurants and a designated area for prayers for both men and women.

Besides this, passengers will also get the opportunity to enjoy international entertainment shows available on the cruise as well as a poolside barbeque.

Meanwhile, SK Unggun teacher Rosiah Badarudin who went for the ship tour said she has no idea about sea cruises. However, she had heard from friends about their experiences onboard the Superstar Aquarius.

“I used to think that sea cruise is only meant for the rich who want to enjoy or for those who love gambling,” she said, adding that the tour is a good opportunity for Muslims to understand more about it.

Rosiah who joined in the tour together with her five children and friends said she might want to consider taking her family for a sea cruise in the near future.

“However, we decided to check it out first in this tour. I think it would be nice to go on a sea trip because in the past, my family and I used to travel by air and we have never tried travelling by sea before,” she said.

Caption: Chin (front, second from left) and Star Cruises Travel Service Sdn Bhd Sales Assistant Manager Cindy Lee (front, extreme left, squatting) pictured together with the Muslim ship tour participants in a group photo.

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