Bill Gates, family spend brief summer vacation in Palawan

interphoto_1427677157PUERTO PRINCESA CITY – American business magnate, inventor, philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his family was reportedly in Palawan for a brief vacation in Amanpulo Resort, and to check out an island in El Nido town that he wanted to invest in.

The Gates family – Melinda Gates and two of three children — reportedly spent three days in Palawan after arriving early morning of April 6 via a Global Express private plane.

Eyewitnesses at the Puerto Princesa City Airport (PPCA) told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that as soon as the Gates family arrived, they immediately boarded a privately-hired helicopter, assisted by retired police superintendent Edgar Iglasia, who was tasked to ensure their security and safety while visiting.

More onlookers claimed that the Gates’ chopper flew to high-end island resort Amanpulo on Pamalican that is part of the Quiniluban Group of Cuyo islands and islets, north of the province.

It is a secluded island resort overlooking the Sulu Sea that is enjoyed by the rich and famous as it is secluded and has unique character as a vacation getaway.

The PNA was also told that Bill Gates visited the touristy town of El Nido to check the island, where he plans to invest with Filipino partners. No name of an island was mentioned.

The Microsoft magnate’s family reportedly flew Wednesday back to Metro Manila. According to an aircraft security procedure document obtained by the news agency, no one was allowed to come near the Global Express plane except the crew and the international security team.

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