Palawan electric co-op: Turn off refs to watch megafight

cart0430-300x193PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Philippines—Turning off refrigerators is the ticket of everyone connected to the grid of an electric cooperative here for a live coverage of the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight on television.

Palawan Electric Cooperative (Paleco) requested customers to switch off certain appliances like refrigerators on Sunday because of a severe power supply shortfall in the province.

Because of the shortfall, many Palawan consumers have had to contend with daily brownouts lasting an average of three to four hours.

On Pacquiao’s fight date, Paleco would be short of 2 megawatts, forcing most of the city to brace for a brownout.

Most of electric appliances

Paleco board secretary Rante Ramos, in a post on Facebook, said the electric coop would need around 15,000 consumers to turn off most of their appliances to cover the shortfall.

“If only 15,000 households would switch off their refrigerators, then the 2-MW power deficit is gone. Everybody will have a chance to watch live the fight of the century,” he said.

Ramos also urged consumers to refrain from using other power-guzzling appliances like electric irons, washing machines and air-conditioning units to enable the electric grid to have enough power for everyone.

Paleco’s campaign was met with varied reactions from consumers.

Mary Rose Macaset, in a post on Facebook, urged other consumers to cooperate with Paleco’s measure as it would mean “savings” for them.

“Be wise and be vigilant”in the use of “unnecessary electricity in households,” she said.

But Michael Exibia, in another post, said in jest, “Nood na lang kami ng (We will just watch the) Pacquiao-Mayweather through the power of the mind.”

The service areas of Paleco are Puerto Princesa City and the towns of Aborlan, Narra, Rizal, Quezon, Brookes’ Point and Roxas.

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