HOTELS OF THE WEEK: Destinations for the remaining long weekends of 2015

Casa-Vallejo-Baguio-City-640x480, one of Asia’s leadingHOTEL BOOKING SITES and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), has come up with a list of destinations that are perfect for filling up the year’s remaining long weekends.

It makes sense that travelers would want to take advantage of the remaining long weekends before finally saying goodbye to 2015. If you plan it well and score affordable plane tickets, you can relax over three full days. Because of this, many Filipinos are more willing to be adventurous and check out new places since there’s actually more travel time. With that in mind, has put together a list of favorite and up-and-coming Philippine destinations with a couple ofHOTEL recommendations that will definitely make your vacations.

1. Baguio City
The best time to visit the City of Pines would definitely be during the “ber” months. Despite being in a tropical country, it’s a spot where travelers can don their coats, scarves, and wear a beanie.

As one of the local top vacation destinations, the area always has something new to offer. Visit the Ben Cab Museum, get a taste of Amare La Cucina’s iconic brick oven pizza, or enjoy a few local beers at the Baguio Craft Brewery. If you want to stay in a cozy and charming property, recommends Casa Vallejo, one of the oldest institutions in the city updated as a boutique hotel. Rates start at P 2,500+ for a Deluxe Room good for two.

Golden Pines Hotel in Baguio City. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

For those traveling in bigger groups, there’s also the Golden Pine Hotel where superiorTWIN ROOMS good for 4 pax go for around Php3,750 excluding taxes.

2. Bohol
Aside from the famous Panglao Beach, the area called Anda will likely be the “next big thing.” It’s found on the eastern part of the province and will require a three-hour drive from Tagbilaran Airport.

Amun Ini Beach Resort and Spa in Bohol. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

If you crave the powdery white sand of Boracay minus the nightlife, then Anda Beach is the perfect place to recharge. If travelers are looking for a romantic getaway, recommends Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa where the Deluxe King room with the ocean view is only Php10,400++. For those who want to experience this haven without breaking the bank, an alternative would be Casa Amihan where the Deluxe Room is only Php3,000 without taxes.

Casa Amihan in Bohol.

3. Toril and Samal Island in Davao
Davao is a special place for adventurous souls. Two hours away from the city center, Eden Nature and Park Resort gives travelers a chance to get reacquainted with nature and enjoy a full mountain experience. Activities here include museum visits, strolling in parks, and even a ride on the sky cycle! Room rates start at Php3,300+ for two while quad sharing is only Php3,300+ per night on theAGODA site.

Eden Nature and Park in Davao. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

For those who want to disconnect from the high technology world during their vacation, recommends an off-the-beaten-path property called Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan. It’s a secluded paradise with a stretch of a coral beach and with interesting types of rooms. The most popular being the Tree House which is only Php2,100+ on, good for two pax and includes breakfast!

Beach area of Island Garden Resort in Davao.

4. Dauin and Zamboanguita in Dumaguete
After a food trip in Dumaguete, another popular area to add to the list would be Dauin.

Sea Dream Resorts in Dumaguete City. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

Stay at Sea Dream Resorts, which is just 45 minutes away from the city. The establishment is right in front of a marine sanctuary – the best part being that they don’t charge you for snorkeling gear for undersea exploration! The property has spacious rooms to make sure that all guests are comfortable. The classic room with sea view, good for two, is only P 4,430+ while solo travelers can enjoy a standard room for only Php2,800+ per night.

Another interesting area nearby worth the visit to chill and unwind is White Chocolate Hills Resort in Zamboanguita. The resort is known for its dome-shaped bungalows and “chocolate” roofs that replicate how the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol look like during the dry season.

White Chocolate Hills in Dumaguete. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

The rooms are all large with a good mix of modern and nature-friendly interiors. For only P 3,580+, travelers can stay in the relax bungalow with breakfast! While in either of the two areas, don’t miss a day trip to Apo Island to say hello to the turtles. 

5. El Nido, Palawan
El Nido has been getting more and more international recognition and it’s about time to experience it yourself. Your dream vacation of island hopping, exploring the lagoons, and climbing Taraw Cliff is just within reach.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a sale on Island Transvoyager Inc so that you can fly direct to El Nido from Manila, while another option is to land at Puerto Princesa and ride the Daytripper Bus.

joaquin's Bed and Breakfast in Palawan. Photo courtesy the hotel.

If you’re traveling in a big group or with the barkada, Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast have rooms that sleep up to 6 pax starting at P 4,500++ onAGODA.

Ipil-Ipil Suites in Palawan. Photo courtesy of the resort.

AnotherHOTEL recommendation that is accessible to the town proper and the beach would be Ipil Ipil Suites. The Deluxe Room, which is good for two and comes with a complimentary breakfast, is only Php2,900 without taxes.

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