Best smartphones of CES 2017: What to expect


Considering there’s a dedicated smartphone convention held in February in the form of Mobile World Congress, you can sometimes wonder why manufacturers would release any smartphones at CES in January.

In previous years, flagship phones have been reserved for MWC or separate events, and more mid-range handsets have been shown off in Las Vegas. We expect much of the same again for the next show in January, although unsurprisingly not a lot has been formally announced just yet, but we do know of some companies that will be at the show, so we can take some pretty educated guesses.

Here’s everyone we know will be attending CES 2017 at the moment, we’ll update this page as and when we know more.

Asus has confirmed it will be attending CES 2017 and has called its press conference ‘Zenovation’. While we aren’t completely sure what products will be announced, it’s almost certain to relate to the company’s Zen series of products, which can include smartphones.

Honor is another company to confirm it will be at the show and has already sent out invites for an exclusive global launch of a new product, which will likely be a new smartphone. The unveiling will take place on Tuesday 3 January, but until then, details of the new phone are pretty thin on the ground.

The Huawei-owned subsidiary has impressed in the past with its mid-range phones, although they haven’t been quite able to challenge OnePlus. Will the company’s new model stand a better chance? Watch this space.

While we’re expecting to see the LG G6 later in 2017, the company has announced the mid-range phones that we’ll be seeing in the US. There will be four phones as part of a new K Series alongside the latest version of LG’s stylus-controlled phablet, the Stylus 3.

The K Series phones will have varying screen sizes, batteries and cameras, all of which will be targeted at different types of consumer.

The Stylus 3 meanwhile will get a 5.7-inch HD display, 32GB of internal storage and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.


Sony is rumoured to be unveiling not one, but two new phones at CES 2017, and ones of the flagship variety at that. The phones in question are said to have 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch displays, the former being full HD while the 5.5in will be 4K.

It’s not the first time Sony would have put a 4K screen on a phone, so it’s entirely plausible for the company to do it again.

We’re still not entirely sold on 4K screens for smartphones, as there’s currently no native content to watch on them, unless you record it yourself. But we applaud Sony for being able to do it nonetheless.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE will be in attendance at CES. Only some of the company’s phones are sold here in the UK, but those that do tend to be affordable while still offering a near-premium experience. There’s no word on what exactly will be revealed in Las Vegas as the company is keeping tight-lipped until the big reveal.

However it does say we can expect to see “new and exciting product announcements and company news”. We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest news as and when we get it.

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