Oro National ICT Summit Seeks To Update 2022 Road Map


The Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council will host the ninth staging of the National ICT Summit on still to be decided dates in November, 2017 at Cagayan de Oro City, in recognition of its status s a leading “Next-Wave City”

Stephanie P. Caragor, Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council Chair who was recently elected National President of the National Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) will also oversee the summit chaired by Alaxander G. Paras .

“Luzon Visayan and Mindanao take turns in chairing the NICP,” Caragos said. “from 20+ council in Mindanao, we selected who will sit in the nationala bord. There are four of us and the consolidated board chooses who among us will be president.”


High on the agenda for this year’s NICP working agenda will be implementing programs in the countryside coordination with the new Department of information & Communication Technology (DICT), implement the ICT Road Map 2022, increasing the levels of skills of the BPO/PPM industry to mid-level including software development, because there are more BPO companies which support/shared services, Caragos said. 

The NICP will also be looking to balance its focus on domestic and international markets following increasing awareness among Filipino companies on the benefits of ICT in increasing their global competitiveness.

“Philippine companies are learning to appreciate outsourcing and the fact that they don’t have to hire full time persons to do the services they need, but hire an expert to take care of it,”Caragos noted.”its already starting in the Philippines and that’s good trend.”


NICP is the recognized national organization of ICT Council in the Philippines. it serves as the venue for collaboration and sharing of best practices for our member organizations.

The National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) is commited to being the recognized, premier, and unifying advocate for countrywide ICT industry development.



It seeks to promote foreign and local investments and balanced development, share information and best practices, and tranform the Philippines into a customer-oriented and competitive provider for global services.

Its core objectives are to generate new ICT business, to increase awareness of the ICT industry, ensure sustainability and resource generation, be an effective implementing partner of the Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS), have more venues for information sharing and to increase collaboration and private-public partnership.

“For the 2017 ICT Summit, NICP is Helping IBPAP, DICT and partner organizations in helping the entire country by focusing on countryside development, and together, we are looking at raising 1.8 million jobs through ICT. Definitely we will have more trainings and seminars in the ICT.”

We are also looking at ICT and the ecology by coming up with solution that will help the environment, she added.

“In addition, the NICP will be focusing on creating greater awareness about ICT jobs for women and we’re working on increasing the ration of women developers and web designers through a series of hack-a-thons and events,” Caragos said. While there are already many women working in entry level positions, there is still a dearth of women executives in mid-level and higher management and technical positions.”

For its thrust in countryside development, Caragos said the NICP will work on Rural Impact Sourcing in close coordination with the DICT.

“Not all of the cities and towns can be Next Waeve Cities, but they can have a really good source of talent as well. By doing rural impact sourcing we are also encouraging people in the rural areas to get into ICT jobs as well. This means working from home or small office spaces within the area,” she noted.


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