World’s highest capacity 2TB flash drive introduced by Kingston


Every once in a while, something surprising comes out of companies like Kingston. While terabyte-hard drives have become the norm, Kingston redefines portable storage with their new 2TB flash drive.

The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is currently the “world’s highest capacity USB flash drive.” Apart from the 2TB version, it also comes in a smaller 1TB variant, reports The Verge.

Another surprising bit that can be both fortunate and unfortunate about the Ultimate GT is that it uses a USB 3.1 interface instead of USB-C.

This may seem like a step back but one has to consider that most existing laptops are still using USB 3.0 ports. While it does bode ill for future laptop users, there will surely be a dongle or two that will be available to compensate.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT will be out in the market next month. No price has been announced yet but given the pricing trend in the gadgets business, any miniaturized piece of technology often commands high rates. Alfred Bayle

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