This Boutique Hotel In Palawan Is Now 100% Solar-Powered

746725_15071410310032240800.jpg“Qi Palawan” is now the first full-service, air conditioned resort in the Philippines to provide 24 hours power using only solar power

Sustainability has always been at the core of Qi Palawan’s ethos.  The resort was designed with fuel efficiency and sustainability in mind using bamboo, a fast-growing tree that does not require pesticides, and 100% local materials and labor.

El Nido, Palawan
Over the course of the last year, Qi Palawan has completed their goal of making the resort a true eco-resort by installing 40 KwH of solar panels and 128 KwH of batteries, enough to provide this boutique resort with 100 per cent of power, even during peak occupancy periods.  In addition to this, Qi Palawan does not serve any plastic bottles, has practically eliminated the use of plastic bags, uses locally sourced amenities and provides reef safe sunscreen for their island hopping and dive trips.

El nido.jpg

According to the owners, they never set out be an eco-resort.  “As a full service resort that offers its guest 24 hour power, AC and unlimited use of hot water, we did not think of ourselves as an eco-resort.

In fact, eco-resort is a bit of an oxymoron since most of our guests take a plane to get here. Instead, we just did what we could as people that love our environment and community.   And, here we are four years later with a solar powered resort that employees 100 per cent local staff from our immediate community, has an organic garden and fights daily to reduce the use of plastics.


We still don’t feel like an eco-resort but by continually putting the environment and our immediate community first, we have achieved sustainability”

Qi Palawan’s conversion to solar is the equivalent of planting 996 carbon offset trees each year.


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