The two Two Seasons in Coron, Palawan

PALAWAN. Chitchat and saltwater therapy until sunset was the most memorable experience at the Two Seasons Resort in the far off Bulalacao Island in Coron.

WHEN our host said we were staying at the Two Seasons resorts in Palawan, a night by bay in Coron town and next three nights in the island resort in Bulalacao Island, we were all excited. Our first time in Coron and it was going to be a fancy trip to kick off the year for all of us.

The only thing I’m familiar with the resort is the Boracay property. No, I haven’t had the chance to stay in the beach resort but it’s a regular sunset hangout whenever I make it to the island. What draws my island clique to the place is the Four Seasons Pizza. Yes, a pizza and I will get another bite of it in Coron this time.

Four Seasons Pizza at Two Seasons, it was our first meal in Coron and the rest of the group fell in love with it.

Both the Two Seasons resorts in Coron face west. Thus, guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the setting sun best enjoyed with a favorite cocktail drink on hand while you’re by the pool deck or in the infinity pool of the bayside hotel, or along the shoreline or while having a dip in the cool, calm sea in the island resort.

Whichever hotel you’re at, the moment has got the Ibiza vibe minus the Star Wars tune, which Café del Mar plays as the sun completely sinks in the horizon leaving its fiery red-orange hue for a few moments more.

At the Coron bayside property, you can enjoy the sunset from the verandah of the spacious rooms that have been fitted with modern amenities including an iPod docking station where you can play your choice of background music as you watch the sunset.

The Coron bayside property, where we spent our first night, is newer of the Two Seasons resorts. It has 48 rooms, one restaurant and a skydeckJacuzzi lounge while the seclusion of the island resort requires it to have a more extensive offering.

From Coron town it’s a scenic 30-minute speedboat ride to the Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa in the remote island of Bulalacao. The luxury resort sits on the Malaroyroy Peninsula with its 42 bungalows designed in contemporary tropical Filipino running across the shoreline and the mountainside.

Of the two 200-meter shoreline facing east and west and aptly called sunrise beach and sunset beach, the latter is a more charming stretch, with the seawater still and glasslike, crystal blue during the day and mirrors the fiery sky at day’s end.

A few meters from the shoreline, set in the greenery, are the pools for adults and kids, pool bar; the lobby building with a souvenir shop, library and a restaurant; and an aqua sports center.

I was under the weather and the relaxing and soothing massage at the spa was such a welcome therapy (the regular salt water dip did wonders, too).

The look and feel of Narra Spa reminded me of Mandala Spa in Boracay—nipa roofing over wooden interiors. Coincidentally, the therapist had a stint in Mandala Spa.

For the nourishment, seafood, of course, is the highlight, which is best enjoyed by the shoreline. An outdoor dining is set-up for supper. But if you’re craving for something else, the menu holds an extensive offering from Asian to Continental. Good news, the Four Cheese Pizza is on the list.

The island was a picture of tranquility and would make an ideal setting for a honeymoon. Otherwise, it’s best to go with a bigger group who shares the same love for sun and sea.

So what’s the most memorable experience in this island for me? Chitchatting with friends while in the still waters until the sun sets.

Yup, it’s like our own vast living room in the sea.

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