Underwater adventures with Discovery Fleet dive cruises

snorkeling-SimizuDISCOVERIES (clockwise from above): Guests enjoy the waters of El Nido. The M/V Discovery Palawan. A turtle spotted in Tubbataha. Snokelling in Simizu. The famed Tubbataha reef, a premier diving destination (main photo).

MANILA, Philippines – The unparalleled hospitality of Discovery Leisure Hotels can now be enjoyed onboard Discovery Fleet, a luxury adventure for those who wish to bask in the above and underwater treasures of the Philippine islands.

The cruise includes activities for both divers and non-divers. The underwater adventurers can expect a full day of scuba diving as they rediscover coral reefs, ship wrecks along with rare marine species.

The non-divers will have their share of excitement with activities like snorkeling, island hopping, kayaking and other fun beach activities.

M/V Discovery Palawan is home to the travelers during the cruise. The ship has a total of 20 rooms – 16 standard rooms in the lower deck and four upper deck rooms with personal climate control.

Built in 1972 in Gronigen, Holland, the ship initially sailed the Caribbean, until it was rebuilt as a navigation training ship. Refitted with a powerful engine and modern navigational equipment in 2006, it moved to the Philippines as an adventure cruise ship. In 2013 it underwent a major $1.5-million renovation and was renamed Discovery Palawan.

Unlike other dive tours which are active only during the summer months, Discovery Fleet Dive Cruise operates all year round with three exciting adventure routes.

From Mid-March to October, the ship explores Pandan Island, Coron, Apo Reef and has added a Coron-El Nido-Coron route.

From late March to mid-June it heads for Tubbataha, acknowledged as the Philippines’ premier dive destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this time the ship is exclusively for divers.

Hard Core explorers will be amazed at the World War II wrecks in Coron. They can also check out Coron’s famous lagoon and limestone cliffs. Next stop is breath-taking Apo Reef where the deep walls and solid reefs keep the big fish like mantas, barracudas and sharks coming back.

The mid-June trip to Tubbataha is the highlight of any diver’s experience. With pristine reefs, deep walls, schools of fish, mantas and turtles, it is one of the few guaranteed shark dives in Asia.

The new 5-day Coron-El Nido-Coron route gives access to breathtaking El Nido.

Guests are picked up from the Busuanga airport and transferred directly to the ship.

Guests then enjoy a leisurely overnight cruise to the karst limestone cliffs, azure lagoons and hidden beaches of El Nido.

Guests are disembarked after breakfast for kayaking, snorkeling, beach combing activities and tours.

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