Birdwatch Palawan joins Borneo Bird Race

30998_443486605715667_1886706804_nPUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan, Sept. 22 (PIA) — A three-member team from Birdwatch Palawan Ornithological Society (Birdwatch-Palawan) is joining the 2nd Borneo Bird Race 2014 that will take participants to five prime birding destinations in Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei Darrusalam.

The Birdwatch-Palawan team is headed by Rommel Cruz who will be assisted by fellow members William Cabanillas and Ariel dela Torre. The race will be participated-in by a three-member team from the same birdwatching club.

Birdwatch-Palawan is the country’s only participant to the race. The 2014 Borneo Bird Race, tagged as “the great Borneo birding experience”, begins on Sept. 24 with 24 participants coming from eight birdwatching clubs in Hongkong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The teams will race for 10 days in over 1,000 kilometers route in search of more than 200 species of birds in a wide range of habitats from coastal regions, freshwater swapms, lowland forests to the hills and mountain ranges in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

The team will watch, identify, and record as many bird species as possible with time and place in a prescribed format and governed by certain ground rules.

The longest list shall earn the prestigious “Bornean Bristlehead Trophy”.

The Borneo Bird Race provides a platform for the meeting of birdwatchers and nature lovers and strengthening the bonds of more than 100,000 Asian Bird Fraternity Network.

The 2nd Borneo Bird Race is sponsored by Sabah Tourism Board, Sarawak Tourism Board, Sandakan Borneo Bird Club, and Brunei Tourism. (VSM/LBR/PIA4B/Palawan)

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