Ex-Palawan mayor convicted of graft

sandiganbayanCONVICTION. The Sandiganbayan convicts a former Palawan mayor of graft for a ghost road pavement project.

A former mayor of San Vicente in Palawan has been convicted of graft by the Sandiganbayan.

The Office of the Ombudsman announced that Sandiganbayan found former mayor Alejandro Villapando guilty of graft and corruption for buying bags of cement worth P247,500 for a road project that did not exist.

In an 18-page decision penned by Justice Alexander Gesmundo, the Sandiganbayan sentenced Villapando of up to 10 years in jail, disqualified him from holding public office in the future and ordered him to return the malversed funds.

The case against his co-accused, Rodrigo Cipriano Sr., municipal treasurer, was dismissed following his death.

The anti-graft court found that in January 2000, Villapando and Cipriano released P247,500 to Apollo Trading for the purchase of 1,500 bags of Portland cement for the concreting of a road in Sitio Panindigan, San Vicente.

However, investigation conducted by the Commission on Audit (COA) showed there was no delivery of cement and the road building project was non-existing.

The resolution stated that “the foregoing pieces of evidence indubitably show that the roads in Sitio Panindigan remained unpaved which would lead to the logical conclusion that the project for the concreting of Toursite Paninidigan Road was not executed and that the payment of P247,500 made by the municipality ostensibly for the delivery of 1,500 bags of cement to be used for such project was unjustified.”

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