Nov. 11 is Puerto Princesa Underground River Day

5545666863_2c424ce1dbThe country will mark “Puerto Princesa Underground River Day” on November 11 of every year based on a new order issued by President Aquino.

In Proclamation No. 816, the President declared a special day for the Puerto Princesa Underground River after being chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature on November 11, 2011.

“Such recognition brought great honor and acclaim not only to the City of Puerto Princesa and the Province of Palawan but to the entire nation as well,” the proclamation read.

The President also encouraged the heads of government agencies and local government units to extend their support and participate in the programs and activities to be held for this purpose.

The proclamation was signed last July 3 by the President.

The 8.2-kilometer Palawan river is considered the longest underground river in the world.

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