Palawan has been voted the best island in the world for the second year running


If you fancy a relaxing island getaway but have seriously high standards, we may have the perfect suggestion for your next holiday. Why settle for anything but the best?

Travel + Leisure magazine has released its annual rankings of the best islands in the world for 2016, and Palawan, an island in the Philippines, has taken the top spot.

WARNING: These photos may cause serious wanderlust. Look away now if you’ve already used up all of your holiday allowance.

This is actually the second time the island has been voted as the best island in the world, after landing first place back in 2013.


So what makes Palawan so great?

Take a look at some photos and it’s pretty clear. Palawan is all gorgeous turquoise water, lush forests, tall mountains, and beaches. Lots of white sand beaches.


Palawan is known for being super chilled out and quiet, with plenty of zen rainforest areas to stroll through, wide open beaches, and the world’s clearest water you can swim in.



There’s plenty to see and do, too.

Palawan is home to incredible marine life, including coral gardens, and hundreds of exotic species of fish – making it the perfect destination for divers – and has a five mile long underground river.

Blue Lagoon, Palawan, Philippines

Blue Lagoon, Palawan, Philippines

Animal-lovers will be set, as the island has the largest wildlife sanctuary in the entirety of the Philippines.

The high mountains and stunning views make it a great location for hiking and daytime strolls, followed by some danggit – a type of dried fish the island is known for.


Oh, and Palawan looks stunning. It’s even been used as the location for films such as Bourne Legacy and The Beach.

Philippines, Palawan, El Nido, Miniloc Island, Big Lagoon

Philippines, Palawan, El Nido, Miniloc Island, Big Lagoon

Travel + Leisure’s readers describe the island as ‘every beach lover’s dream destination’, and ‘a wonderful magical place’. We think we agree.

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