Travel Ideas 2017: Find Out Where’s Philippines Most Hidden Lagoon Is


Enticing private lagoons are the hottest travel destinations today; it seems travelers are looking out for new adventures other than the sun-drenched sands and the tropical mountains. Definitely, the Philippine’s hidden beauty, Miniloc Beach Lagoon, will be the next top world destination due to it. For travel ideas 2017, get ready to find where this secret tourist spot is in South East Asia’s pearl.

The Philippines is already known for its Boracay white sand beaches, Chocolate Kisses Hills, Banaue’s wonder of the world rice terraces, and more. Remarkably, the country received one of the most nature abundant gifts. Seemingly, these treasures are still a lot, and many of them are still unexplored.

According to Daily Mail, one of the hottest Travel option for vacationing 2017 is Miniloc Island. They praised it for the place’s surprisingly beauty; it’s technically hidden as traveler still needs to squeeze themselves into a small cliff before seeing the view. Despite, it’s a noteworthy adventure to try. But for tourists looking for a more convenience, some places around the Palawan’s secret lagoon also have resort getaways. It’s actually connected to the same island but they have well-maintained accommodations.

El Nido’s Resorts Eco-Discovery Island Resort and Lagen Island Resort are one of the best places to stay in the area; they offer nice hotels with lots of activities. In a report by Forbes, it highly recommends for travelers to pick Palawan as their next travel idea. Supposedly, the province amassed great beaches and diving areas in the world. And, the two stated getaways can provide that.

Moreover, it will not only be Miniloc Island which the vacationers can enjoy, they can also hop Bacuit Bay, Snake Island, Cadlao Lagoon, Pinagbuyutan Island, and a lot more. There will be no shortage of adventure in the area. For more travel tips and ideas, keep following Travelers Today.

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